Get Involved
The Pacific Islands are at the frontline of climate change. The impacts are real and are happening right now so the fight to stop this is a huge task that requires a plan and a team.

Australia is home to many Pacific Island families and communities who have made the big move for a better and stable living – however home is always where the heart is, in the Pacific.

350 Pacific have a big and busy year ahead to support the Pacific in their fight against Climate Change, and with the potential support from Pacific Islander communities in Australia the success will be powerful. This is why we are looking for new City Coordinators in your state to jump on board and lead local Pacific communities in the Climate Change movement and keep our homes in the pacific above water.

Contact us if you are interested in educating and engaging in cultural groups, organising fundraisers, taking part in solidarity events and public speaking.

Below are links to the City Coordinator role descriptions which provide detailed information.

Email submissions close 13th February 2015.