It’s back…. 

Following the success of Australia’s first ever national day of divestment in May,* we’ve teamed up with Market Forces to do it all over again. If you didn’t get a chance to join us last time, now’s your last chance to in 2014.

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On October 18, hundreds of Australians will hit the streets to tell Australia’s big banks that if they continue to choose fossil fuels then we’ll choose different banks.

But October will be special for another reason too. As hundreds of us turn out across the country, we’ll be joined by a delegation of Pacific Island Climate Warriors, arriving on our shores to peacefully stand up to the fossil fuel industry.**

Can you imagine it? Thousands of us moving our money out of fossil fuels whilst our Pacific Island neighbours call for an end to fossil fuel expansion!

This is not a day to be missed!

No new coal 350 photo
Since 2008, Australia’s Big 4 banks have loaned $19 billion to new fossil fuel projects in Australia, from the Great Barrier Reef to Maules Creek, but now that’s coming back to bite them.

Since October 2013, over $250 million has been shifted out of the Big 4 by customers who don’t want their money funding fossil fuels. Research shows that a further $236 billion is at risk of being shifted if the Banks don’t give fossil fuels the flick.

And it isn’t only green-minded folk leading this movement. A recent poll found that 67% of Australians say they’d choose a bank or super fund that wasn’t financing fossil fuels and 75% are concerned about their bank or super fund financing coal and gas projects on the Great Barrier Reef.

When our Governments fail us, it’s time to take matters into our own hands. Money speaks. So, on October 18, let’s all join together and move our money out of the financial institutions that are funding climate destruction. 

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In the coming weeks, we’ll be in touch about how Divestment Day is part of our bigger welcome for the Pacific Climate Warriors to Australia. That welcome is going to be bold and powerful!
We’re looking forward to joining with you in October!