Welcome to our BBSei Newsletter series. Bringing you updates from our Pacific Climate Warriors across the world.

350 Pacific Climate Warriors is a youth-led grassroots network working with communities to fight climate change from the Pacific Islands and diaspora.

We work with organizers across 18 Pacific Island nations and diaspora communities in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States of America to highlight our island countries’ vulnerabilities to climate change while showcasing our strength and resilience of people. We work through existing networks and with a range of partner organizations who share in our vision for the Pacific and the planet. We have organized and facilitated workshops to educate and empower youth in the region, and through our many campaigns, have amplified the voices of frontline communities in the face of the climate crisis.


Pacific Climate Warriors Recovery Gathering 

Every year, we normally look to September as our season of creation and mobilisation. This year looked a little different. As the world slowly opened up its borders and COVID-19 restrictions eased away, we wanted to ensure that our members took some time to focus on the health of our teams. After two years of the pandemic, continued escalating climate impacts, and the economic crisis, we leaned into the idea that rest is resilience. In place of rallies and actions, our teams came together for a Recovery Gathering. This was a moment to reconnect, celebrate past achievements, welcome new members and re-energise, ready for the work ahead. Hosting a meet and greet session, cleanup and picnic at the beach, talanoa and creative art sessions, food and drinks, and movie nights were some of the many different activities our warriors managed to do together in their country/city teams. With the many challenges we’re all going through, this was a moment to re-engage not only with each other but with ourselves and how we move through this work and how we intend to show up in the work that lies ahead.    


“The pandemic and the volcanic eruption drew us apart for a number of months, which somehow cooled the spirit of working together and the warmth of facing each other. So, having the recovery gathering for the team, we found that it rekindled our light to bring our warriors back together in the arena to continue fighting against climate change. Therefore, there’s hope to revive the world for a better change ahead of us.” Taufu’i àe Valu Naufahu, PCW, Council of Elder, Polynesia Rep.   

Our Pacific Climate Warriors Recovery Gathering in Tonga brought members of their community together to share experiences post-volcanic eruption and plan ahead for future work in the fight for climate justice.

As part of their recovery efforts in the lead-up to their gathering, they’ve been helping support the community of Haveluiku with an installation of a new water system. 

The initial water tank that supplied clean water to the village over the years degraded due to climatic conditions, disasters that have been exacerbated by the climate crisis and recently, the volcanic eruption that caused the total collapse of the system.   

Members of our PCW Tonga team put together a proposal to engage the Global Greengrants Fund to finance a new water system, which they managed to receive and accelerated the project to completion on 5th October, supplying clean drinking water to the village of Haveluiku.


Our PNG team, led by coordinator, Vinzealhar Nen, organised a painting session with new recruits by the beach, followed by a beach cleanup and lunch. This brought together children from the neighbourhood and was an opportunity for her to socialise the work we do at Pacific Climate Warriors. Our PNG team intends to have a follow-up information session with new members later in October to see the different ways they can get involved and support our work in the region. 

“Education and Awareness are Important, with the work we do, it’s good we tell people about it, so they are aware. Young people need to understand our responsibility to serve our communities because this is the future we will inherit and are already living in it ” Vinzealhar Nen, Coordinator, PCW, PNG. 



Our Pacific Climate Warriors in Samoa brought together 40 people (20 adults and 20 youth) to take part in our Recovery Gathering. The event took place at Avalua Beach, Sapapalii Village, where they witnessed firsthand the damages caused by sea level rise, flooding and developments on the coastline. For many, this was an amazing experience being able to finally support the restoration of the Avalua Mangrove Reserve, as this holds historical significance to their ancestors and will continue to be a source of many resources for future generations to come. 

“Many Hands Make Light Work means that preserving our natural resources, especially our mangroves, is not one man’s job it is everyone’s responsibility to plant, nurture and make sure that it is contributing to our safety as vulnerable residents of small islands to climate change. One person cannot plant the whole shore, and one person cannot protect the whole island from sea level rise, but it is everyone’s responsibility” Siusiusalafai Papalii, PCW, Samoa


The PCW PDX (Portland) team gathering was held at a local Hawaiian restaurant, where people came together to share food and catch up. Those who attended included volunteers from the “Food Box” program, the Samoa Pacific District Corporation and members of the Pasifika community. A total of 12 people attended the event and got the opportunity to hear from the team on locally-led efforts and the team’s participation in the global event. The PCW PDX team look forward to hosting a “Food Box” repack and sharing the importance of having Pasifika participate in the Global  Climate Change movement. 


Our warriors in Fiji held their Recovery Gathering in Suva. This was an opportunity for them to bring newer warriors and a diversified team that now consists of representatives in the maritime zone, including Rabi and their youngest members are in years four and ten. The day kicked off with a welcoming and orientation session, followed by lunch, team bonding over paintball and concluding the day with Kava and Talanoa. 

“PCW Fiji’s recent Recovery Gathering was an opportunity to bring the team together face-to-face. When the pandemic hit, most of our work had to move online and gathering provided the space to reconnect and plan for upcoming activities. The event consisted of an induction to newer members, as well as team building. This was also a moment of reflection and rebuilding as we work towards a sustainable and resilient future for the Pacific.” Alisi Rabukawaqa Nacewa, PCW, Council of Elder Melanesia Rep. 


“This initial meeting was set outdoors, visiting a site where local villages have been seeing first-hand the effects of climate change in the form of damaging tides on their coast seawall. It was valuable to hear from communities and seeing the climate change-induced struggles they face daily to remind us of this ever-growing issue, especially for us Pacific Islanders who are at the forefront of this crisis. It has been encouraging to hear from different parts of the islands who also share similar struggles and raise awareness of these issues amongst the community. Moving forward, it would be great to get the scientific community engaged in more coastal rehabilitation programs and outreach to help local coastal communities naturally enhance their coastlines and help restore them.” Tilali Scanlan, Coordinator, PCW Amercian Samoa.  


The recovery gathering for the PCW Tāmaki Makaurau team was spent looking at the Team Strategy (the WHYs, HOWs, WHENs etc.) post-covid and looking back on the PCW history to recenter the work.  The team used the Rivers tool to map out how the movement began and the factors that have steered the team to where it is today. 

It was also a time to share stories about frontline communities, share tears and laughs, and look at the team’s sustainability. Moving forward, the team will also focus on the admin aspects of the team, which will set the team up for success in the future. 


The Whanganui a Tara gathering dinner was attended by the Warriors and some of their kainga (family) with the hope to recognise that the work carried out is only possible with the support from our kainga. The Warriors of the leadership team attended the planning day as they planned out the remainder of 2022, with a total of 16 people attending the two events.

The goal of the Te Whanganui a Tara gathering was to foster relationships – this was achieved by building and finalising plans for the rest of the year and planning to engage in a mini-campaign for the local elections in Te Whanganui a Tara and a climate workshop to focus on community awareness and engagement (recruitment). 


“Rebuilding momentum for us here in the diaspora meant that we needed to meaningfully and purposefully reconnect with culture, our ancestors and each other. This is how we can move forward at the speed of trust and continue the fight for climate justice” 

The QLD PCW team had a therapeutic morning paddling out on the water and later sharing a hearty bbq breakfast by the water. 

Malo to the Redcliffe Outrigger Canoe Club for sharing their love for and knowledge of vaka/paddling with us.


The Victoria team retreat over three nights allowed the time to catch up and re-unit. Team activities like a Karaoke night and social outings with the team enabled them to explore and rebuild after a long time apart. 

There was an orientation day for recruited warriors into the movement and an open floor discussion on the team’s proposed plans to organise a grassroots strategy plan targeting Viva Energies’ destructive gas expansion floating terminal plant project in Geelong. It was also a good way to celebrate the gathering with a family feast provided by West Papuan Mama and PCW’s Mother. 


Pacific Climate Warriors at Stockholm +50

On the 2nd of June, Pacific Climate Warrior (PCW) Wellington Coordinator Kalo Afeaki and PCW Wellington member Mary Moeono-Kolio travelled to Sweden to join the Stockholm +50 to call on cities and governments to endorse the Fossil Fuel Treaty. The Pacific is living with the impacts of climate change despite contributing the least to the crisis. A future tied to fossil fuels means no future at all for us all. Kalo and Mary went into this space to ensure our voices were heard and demonstrate climate leadership and ambition the Pacific has continued to exemplify for decades.

One People, One Ocean, One Journey

In the lead-up to the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders meeting, members and volunteers from the Alliance for Climate Justice Advisory Opinion gathering during the Pacific Solidarity Festival to celebrate the journey of the advisory opinion (AO) on climate change and human rights led by the Vanuatu Government as well as call on all Pacific member states to endorse the AO. Now with the Pacific leader’s support to call for an AO on Climate Change and Human Rights from the International Court of Justice, our next course of action will be at the UN General Assembly in September to get Global support from United Nations member countries. You can support it by signing the Global Petition today. 

Loss and Damage Talanoa with UUSC

22 community leaders from nine Pacific island organisations and directly affected communities met at the 2022 Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) partner regional gathering on 5-8 June. There were rich discussions on how Climate-Forced Displacement and Loss and Damage have impacted our communities and how we’re addressing some of the most pressing social, economic and environmental challenges while acknowledging the demonstrated and challenging efforts in progressing the work during the global COVID-19 pandemic. These discussions led to the formulation of an Outcomes Statement calling on all development partners and other relevant stakeholders to support its implementation. 

SMBC – Stop Making Bad Decisions 

From late May to early June, there was a global action held demanding Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group (SMBC) stop its support of the fossil fuel industry, deforestation and human rights abuse. Climate science clearly shows that there is no room for fossil fuel expansion to achieve the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement. Although SMBC Group states that it will “evaluate environmental and social impacts” when considering support for oil and gas projects, it must have a policy to stop support altogether. Pacific Climate Warriors and 350 Australia came out in Melbourne to show their support and demand action.

Stop Insuring TMX Campaign. 

On the 22nd of August, PCWs joined the UN Stop Insuring TMX campaign to push global insurance giant Liberty Mutual to publicly cut ties with TransMountain expansion pipeline. Because of the risks and impacts of the massive tar sands oil pipeline, 18 insurers have ruled out coverage for Trans Mountain. Now more than ever, we need our global community to come together to ensure there is no future for fossil fuels. 

Climate Justice Advocacy Conference

Last month, women from the West Coast communities in Niue attended a Climate Justice conference under the project: A gendered approach to understanding the impacts of climate change and gender-based violence, organized by the village community Makefu Falekaho-Atua.

We’re constantly grateful and inspired by the work led by the women in our communities in service for our people to ensure our safety in this on-going climate crisis and all the implications that follow it.

In efforts to build a better future, it’s the people on the ground doing the leg work to ensure our children and our future generations have a sense of belonging and safety ahead of them.

This project was funded by UNWomen and supported by Makefu Village Council, the Government of Niue, 350Pacific and Researchers from the University of Auckland and Human Rights NGO ICAAD in New Zealand.

Pacific Climate Warriors at the UN General Assembly

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), held each year, is a moment for world leaders to gather, make recommendations on many international issues and manage internal UN appointments and budget approvals. Brianna Fruean, Mia Kami and Okalani Mariner were a few of the Pacific Climate Warriors that participated in a number of side events during this international gathering. For them, it was bringing the voice of our people to these spaces, influencing and highlighting the work we do in the region. Also, this year’s UNGA is a pivotal moment for the Pacific, with Vanuatu making the first nation-state to call on an international mechanism to stop the expansion of new fossil fuel projects and manage a global just transition away from coal, oil and gas. Read more on the Fossil Fuel Treaty

Watch the Live Talanoa with Brianna, Mia and Okalani. 

Move Beyond Coal Launch. 

350 Pacific Campaigner, Jacynta Fa’amau, along with the Move Beyond Coal Alliance (Sunrise, Markets Forces, AARC, SAPNA, Tipping Point and 350 Pacific) went on a 3-day listening tour to Gunnedah and Narrabi, traditionally known as Gomeroi/Gamilleraay/Kamilaroi Country, North East of New South Wales.

This was an opportunity to hear the stories of resistance directly from the community in Gunnedah/Narrabri, where the coal operations are owned by Whitehaven. We know that the fight for an end to the fossil fuel industry is a big part of our work as Pacific Climate Warriors. To ensure the protection of our future in the Pacific, the causes of the climate crisis must end #MoveBeyondCoal. 

Move Beyond Coal has officially released its launch video. During the month of September, the Move Beyond Coal Alliance has held a number of Launch parties nationally in Australia and an online launch bringing in our international community. Our 350 Pacific Campaigner, Jacynta Fa’amau has been a part of these launch parties advocating and carrying stories from the Pacific to highlight how Australia’s coal exports affect us in the region. Only people power can stand up to reckless coal corporations, take on the banks that fund them, and hold our politicians to account. Together, we can and will move Australia beyond coal. 


350 Pacific Climate Warriors and Council of Elders Strategy Meeting 

After about three years of non-face-to-face meetings, our Pacific Climate Warriors Secretariat and Council of Elders had the opportunity to finally meet and discuss the direction of our work in the next couple of years. The team met in Sydney, Australia, over four days to acknowledge and celebrate our work over the past three years, share lessons learnt and strategies on what our next three years and beyond could look like for the work we do as PCWs across the region and the world over.

Oceania Gathering 2022

Working together with a shared vision of what our future work could look like. Earlier in June, 350 Australia, Aotearoa, and the Pacific team came together to celebrate all the work that we’ve done to date and discuss what future collaborations could look like to strengthen our movement in the region to dismantle the pillars of support for the fossil fuel industry and the structures of oppression that enable it by empowering Indigenous and frontline voices to lead and diversify our base.

Regional Framework on Climate Mobility.  

Members from civil society groups, NGOs, and partners came together for a 2-day workshop on the proposed draft of the Regional Framework on Climate Mobility with the aim to enable participating governments to strengthen their capacity and coordination responses to climate change and disaster-related migration, displacement and planned relocation.

Organisers of the Regional Framework on Climate Mobility also opened discussions and considerations from Pacific Youth. The Pacific Youth Climate Mobility Talanoa was held from 22-23 August and saw young Pacific people from the region congregate in Suva to discuss and submit their contributions.


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