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“We are not drowning, we are fighting. We must flip our approach to climate change today, before the future we deserve flops.”
George Necawa, 350 Fiji.

What is 350 Fiji all about?

350 Fiji is part of 350’s Pacific division – and is a regional youth-led climate change network, driven by young climate leaders. These young members are actively leading the fight against climate change,  steering the “100% possible to be heard” regional campaign throughout Fiji. The official campaign launch took place on March 2, 2013 with the ‘Pacific Islands Day of Action Warriors Challenge’.

The idea behind the Warriors Challenge was to showcase the island community’s unique warrior spirit, awakening the warrior within all Fijians. With this strength behind them, we hope the people of Fiji believe that they can challenge climate change and the fossil fuel industry. The Warriors performed dances and chants at prominent Island locations; to highlight that despite the challenges climate change presents the Pacific, Fiji will not admit defeat. Instead, the proud Fijian people will defend their land, culture, and identity to the very end.

What climate changes are occurring in Fiji, and what’s next?

  1. Temperatures are increasing, and will continue to increase: In the capital city Suva, maximum temperatures have increased at a rate of .15°C each decade since 1950.
  2. Sea levels have risen: Since 1993, sea level has risen 6mm per year. This is quicker than the global average and leaves Fiji vulnerable to more damaging tidal surges from storms.
  3. The surrounding ocean is becoming increasingly more acidic: About one quarter of human produced CO2 is absorbed by oceans, making them more acidic. This impacts species vital to the tropical reef ecosystems. Since the 1900s, ocean acidity has been increasing around Fiji.
  4. More intense tropical cyclones: While it’s predicted there may be less tropical cyclones, their intensity will increase. This means faster wind speeds, and greater rainfall intensity.


More detailed information from the Australian Government’s ‘Pacific Climate Change Science Program’ can be downloaded here –> Fiji Climate Change Factsheet PDF.

What is the Fijian Government’s official statement on climate change?

Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama made the opening  statement in 2013 at the National Climate Change Summit, his words can be found at this link.


What’s the overriding message of your campaigns?

The main message 350 Fiji hopes to portray is that this is a campaign of the people. The fight is “100% possible with you”. We aim to move Fiji towards 100% renewable energy, but this is only possible with the support of the people. The people form the community, and we believe the community wants more clean sources of energy. For this message to flow from the grassroots level right up to the policy sphere then we, as individuals, must take action. Our campaigns also represent an opportunity for Fiji to become a pioneer of clean energy, encouraging those responsible for the majority of climate altering emissions to be more accountable, while pushing them to follow our example and move towards renewable energies.

What’s next for 350 Fiji?

350 Fiji truly believes that 350 Pacific’s next campaign ‘Stand up for the Pacific’ will further the great work that’s already occurred on the Island. The previous campaign promoted a belief that something can be done, while the next will provide us with the confidence required to begin our fight.

Power House Individuals

Five dedicated individuals with vast experience in the areas of Environment, Project Management, Public Relations and Marine Science help to guide 350 Fiji, as well as contributing to 350 Pacific’s ongoing projects. The core team meets when they can, and aim to set up their own foundations by which they can better support both their own, as well as 350 Pacific’s needs.

Contact 350 Fiji

It’s best to contact us through our facebook page, available at Additionally, 350 Fiji can be contacted at

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