Vanuatu FlagWhat climate changes are occurring in Vanuatu, and what’s next?

  1. Port Vila’s wet season rainfall has decreased: While data shows a decrease in wet rainfall data since the 1950s, substantial variation in both dry and wet season rainfall remains.
  2. Temperatures have, and will continue to, rise: Annual maximum and minimum temperatures have risen by up to 0.18°C each decade since 1950.
  3. The sea level is rising: Expansion of warming sea water and ice melt is driving a sea level rise of 6mm per year, above the global average.
  4. More powerful storms: Although they may be less frequent, the damage caused by more intense storms, and more powerful ocean storm surges will rise.
  5. More very hot days: Hotter days and nights are not only uncomfortable, but may be problematic for island food production – as over 65% of the population rely on subsistence agriculture.


More detailed information from the Australian Government’s ‘Pacific Climate Change Science Program’ can be downloaded here –> Vanuatu Climate Change Factsheet PDF.

What has been the Vanuatuan Government’s official response to climate change?

The United Nations Information centre in Canberra state that ‘Vanuatu has established a Ministry for Planning and Climate Change Adaptation, led by the Hon. Mr Thomas Laken, which is seeking to consolidate policy and planning and includes oversight of meteorology, geo-hazards, environment, energy and disaster management.’ The entire article can be found at this link.


What’s next for 350 Vanuatu?

2014 has started really positively for 350 Vanuatu. The calendar of events for 2014 has already been drafted, and many exciting things are on the horizon, starting with some local campaigning! We’ve already started our fundraising initiatives to better equip us to fight climate change on the home front, and perhaps overseas too (stay tuned!). We’re also hoping to have our new 350 Vanuatu t-shirts printed soon, helping to both spread climate change awareness and attract new people to our cause. We’re also in contact with the Government and some other local NGOs here in Vanuatu to see if we can help each other’s causes.


We’re currently in contact with a number of our team coordinators, representatives and volunteers on the ground in the Pacific Region – compiling information on the key climate issues facing the country, what our teams are doing locally, and how local groups are standing up and confronting the challenge of climate change.

As we compile more information, this link will be appropriately updated. So check back soon!