Every morning, we wake up and the ocean is there, surrounding our island. But now the ocean, driven by climate change is creeping ever closer. Unless something changes, many of our Pacific Islands face losing everything to sea level rise.

For 20 years we’ve asked world leaders to take action to stop polluting the atmosphere. We couldn’t wait any longer. Now, warriors of the Pacific are rising peacefully to protect the Pacific Islands from climate change. 
Our message: We are not drowning. We are fighting.

Last October, we stood up to those blocking action on climate change. We traveled to Australia to lay down our challenge to the fossil fuel industry. 

30 Warriors from 12 different nations toured parts of Australia to see affects of the fossil fuel industry and to share their stories of their climate-affected islands. Along the way, they gathered supporters across many Australian cities and more and more concerned individuals joined the Warriors’ fight to take on the fossil fuel industry.

The tour to Australia was just a start for the Warriors. We must continue to act now to protect our culture, our land and our oceans, and we need people all around the world to stand with us.


We have to find ways to keep coal and gas in the ground. People all around the world are recognising this and taking action to challenge the power of the fossil fuel industry. For us Pacific Islanders, there is nothing more urgent or necessary

Mikaele Maiava, Tokelau Climate Warrior

Who we are

Five years ago, our network of young Pacific Islanders began to form under the name of 350 Pacific, to join with the global climate change movement, 350.org.

Active in 15 of the Pacific Island Nations, we have a unique approach of empowering young people to understand the issue of climate change and to take action to protect and enrich our islands, cultures, and oceans.

We know we cannot deliver this project on our own. We don’t have big bank accounts, big funders, or big email lists. That’s why we’re asking the international community to continue to stand in support with the Pacific Warriors.

What we do have is a network of courageous young Pacific Islanders – from Niue to Tuvalu – that have been learning new skills and campaign tactics to take on the challenge of achieving global action on climate change – the future of our islands depend on it.

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