American_Samoa flagWhat climate changes are occurring in American Samoa, and what’s next?

  1. Sea levels are rising: This poses quite a significant risk to the people of American Samoa, as the landmass is reduced, storm surges progress further inland, and salt sensitive crops and ecosystems are threatened.
  2. Coral Bleaching & disease prevalence worsening: Exacerbated by climate change, these impacts are becoming increasingly apparent. They pose a major, repetitive impact to the structure and function of local reefs (CORIS American Samoa).
  3. Temperatures are rising: Amongst the more obvious negative implications for plant growth, extreme heat and human health – increasing air temperatures may alter American Samoa’s forest ecosystems, creating conditions for alien species to replace native plants and animals.


A brief page of information from the American Government’s American Samoan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can be viewed here –> American Samoa EPA.

What’s been the American Samoan Government’s response?

The American Government’s EPA has released a number of statements on their website referring to climate change impacts on their coastal islands. One of these webpages is available here. Explore other areas of the EPA’s website to learn more.


We’re currently in contact with a number of our team coordinators, representatives and volunteers on the ground in the Pacific Region – compiling information on the key climate issues facing the country, what our teams are doing locally, and how local groups are standing up and confronting the challenge of climate change.

As we compile more information, this link will be appropriately updated. So check back soon!

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