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Local Group: 350 NIUE

“We are done waiting, the action starts with us. Climate change is the challenge, and this is our fight.”– Ina Vakaafi, 350 Niue

Who are 350 Niue, and what is its message?

350 Niue is part of an international campaign to get us back to a 350 parts per million world, the safe level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. We know it will be tough, but we are committed to this challenge. We recognise climate change as our generation’s greatest adversary, but the warrior spirit within enables us to battle on, and rise above the challenge. We refuse to accept defeat, and one action at a time we can create the future we want, and a legacy we can be proud of.

What climate changes are occurring in the Niue, and what’s next?

  1. The ocean is more acidic: The ocean is absorbing a large proportion of the extra CO2, which then reacts with the sea water making it more acidic. This affects the ability of key ecosystem species such as corals to create their skeletons, affecting the health of local reef ecosystems.
  2. More extreme rainfall days, and extreme hot days: These are expected to occur more often, impacting agriculture and human health.
  3. More intense tropical cyclones: Increased uptake of heat by the oceans is likely to increase the power of tropical cyclones. The strength of cyclone wind is likely to increase by between 2 and 11%, while rainfall intensity within 100km of the centre will also increase.
  4. Sea level and air temperature will continue to rise: Air temperatures have risen by 0.15°C each decade since 1950. Under a high emissions scenario, sea level will rise up to 17cm more over the 21st century. Satellite data shows that sea level has already risen by 5mm each year since 1993.


More detailed information from the Australian Government’s ‘Pacific Climate Change Science Program’ can be downloaded here –> Niue Climate Change Factsheet PDF.

What is the Government doing about climate change in Niue?

In 2009 the Government outlined its National Climate Change Policy, aiming to establish a “safer, more resilient Niue to the impacts of climate change” The policy report can be viewed here.


Contact 350 Niue

We have a very active open group on Facebook, at, which is consistently up to date with the latest news and events at 350 Niue. If you’d like to email us, you can send us an email to niugro@niue.nuWe’d love to hear from you, come along and get involved!


We’re currently in contact with a number of our team coordinators, representatives and volunteers on the ground in the Pacific Region – compiling information on the key climate issues facing the country, what our teams are doing locally, and how local groups are standing up and confronting the challenge of climate change.

As we compile more information, this link will be appropriately updated. So check back soon!

350 Pacific team