Samoan FlagWhat climate changes are occurring in Samoa, and what’s next?

  1. It’s getting hotter: The temperatures in Samoa are predicted to continue increasing, and by 2030 Samoa will be between 0.4-1.0°C hotter than it is today.
  2. The ocean is more acidic: A more acidic ocean impacts the health of the reef ecosystems, and will be compounded by increasing storm damage.
  3. More intense tropical cyclones: In the Samoa region, while it’s expected that tropical cyclones may decrease in frequency, there will be an increase in the proportion of more intense storms. These storms are predicted have wind speeds up to 11% faster than today’s cyclones, and the rainfall they produce will be more intense. The main driver behind this is the increase in ocean temperatures (Knutson et al 2010).
  4. Sea levels are rising: Sea levels have risen on average 4mm per year since 1993, slightly higher than the global average 2.8-3.6mm. Combined with more intense cyclones, continued sea level rise will threaten Samoa with inundation, flooding, and more severe storm surges and king tides.


More detailed information from the Australian Government’s ‘Pacific Climate Change Science Program’ can be downloaded here –> Samoa Climate Change Factsheet PDF.

What has the Government had to say about climate change?

Samoa’s Minister of Natural Resources and Environment made a statement at the recent UNFCCC conference in Warsaw highlighting the importance of climate change adaptation funds, and emphasising the dangers to Samoa  of more intense storms such as Super Typhoon Haiyan. His statement can be read at this link.


We’re currently in contact with a number of our team coordinators, representatives and volunteers on the ground in the Pacific Region – compiling information on the key climate issues facing the country, what our teams are doing locally, and how local groups are standing up and confronting the challenge of climate change.

As we compile more information, this link will be appropriately updated. So check back soon!

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