September 3-11, 2016: Join with church communities across the Pacific

“We cannot build a Pacific Climate Movement without engaging our faith communities. Faith is pivotal to our people, and like the ocean, it connects us. In the face of the climate crisis, we need prayer to carry our people and faith to build resilience.”

– Koreti Tiumalu, Pacific Coordinator

#PrayForOurPacific updates from across the world:


Pray for our Pacific is non-denominational and open to interpretation. Therefore each church community has an opportunity to Pray for our Pacific in whatever way best reflects their community and capacity. These are some examples:

  • Dedication of a prayer during your sabbath service.
  • Dedication of your church service to #PrayForOurPacific
  • Youth-lead #PrayForOurPacific activities
  • A #PrayForOurPacific prayer circle
  • Sharing stories from relevant scriptures with Sunday school children
  • Sharing local stories of climate impacts
  • Remembrance service dedicated to lives lost during climate change disasters
  • #PrayForOurPacific church rally which includes all of the above!

Your event can be as big or as small as you like. What is important is that your church owns your event and you know that you will be joined by our brothers and sisters throughout the Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. Possibly beyond! It’s important that we as a people use our faith to empower ourselves and this movement. We aren’t looking to our faith as a way to solve the issue of climate change, but we are looking to our faith to find the strength to continue the fight to protect the planet that was gifted to us. Not a planet that we have dominion over, but a planet we are stewards of.


In October 2015, 12 Pacific Climate Warriors travelled to the Vatican in Rome and held a 3-day prayer vigil using traditional mats from throughout the Pacific. The mats were prepared specifically for this journey and were symbolic vessels carrying the stories of the severity of climate impacts to our Islands. To lay the mats out in St Peter’s Square and to come together to pray for our Islands, our homes, our families and our country leaders was truly a powerful event.

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 We will be adding more updates and resources to the website soon.