The coordinated Moving Planet campaign is gaining momentum in the Pacific especially
since one of our own will be taking the lead in launching this global day of action.

Commonly referred to as the friendly isles, the Kingdom of Tonga and its people don’t only
possess a friendly demeanour but has over the years cultivated a climate friendly attitude.

While the rest of the world anticipates the September 24th sunrise, volunteers on the island will
be gathered at Popua village on Friday night ready for the dawn ceremony that will kickstart the
campaign as the sun continues its journey across the world.

“Popua, is the most vulnerable village in Tonga to sea level rise,” said Moving Planet Tonga
representative, Polikalepo Kefu.

“We will start the campaign from 6am local time. As the sun rises, a village priest will be
conducting prayers to bless the day of global action and this will be accompanied by the
beautiful voices of the village choir.”

“As soon as the religious rites are performed, a clean-up activity has been organised for the day
which will conclude with a nice B.B.Q in the evening.”

“However, our contribution to the campaign will not end there. On Sunday, every family and
individual going to church will not drive their cars but instead use other alternative means that
are carbon neutral. And this will be happening all around Tonga.”

“Though the moving planet campaign we are willing to take action to reduce the risk of the
adverse effects of climate change,” Kefu said.

“This campaign is a symbolic one for us as it shows that the people of Tonga are aware of the
harmful effects of climate change and we are willing to do something about it.”

Tonga is one of 18 Pacific Island countries taking part in this global event. On Saturday,
September 24, more than 170 countries are expected to take part dedicated to the goal of
solving the climate crisis by ending the world’s dependence on fossil-fuel energy.