Warrior Videos

Every morning, we wake up and the ocean is there, surrounding our island. But now the ocean, driven by climate change is creeping ever closer. Unless something changes, many of our Pacific Islands face losing everything to sea level rise.

"We are not drowning. We are fighting" (2013)

Launched at the Global Powershift in Istanbul, Turkey.

"Stand up for the Pacific" (2014)

Launched in the build up to the Newcastle Flotilla.

"Canoe Project" (2014)

Video by Isso Nihmei, 350 Vanuatu Coordinator, explaining the Canoe Project.

"Ta Reo: The Voice of Vanuatu" (2014)

Video of 350 Vanuatu’s canoe build for the “Stand Up For The Pacific” campaign.

Melbourne Solidarity Action (2014)

Footage taken from the dockland ANZ protest on Wednesday the 22nd of October 2014. Over 80 people peacefully entered this public space to speak up for the Pacific in solidarity with the Climate Warriors.

Tokelau Canoe Build (2014)