For all our successes and progress that we have made through 350 Pacific, there’s also the tough reality that we are still a long way from safeguarding the Pacific region from climate change – in fact recent reports say we have less than 5 years to implement the transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy (for more info, see this article). And as you are probably aware, the Pacific is on the frontline of climate impacts –  and we’re already seeing them.

That’s why, in 2012, Pacific is launching a new wave of organising – and we need you to help steer it forward. We know that to have any hope of halting climate change, we need a stronger, more connected, more educated and more powerful movement – in every Pacific Island nation and territory. We’re inviting you to join us in 2012 and take the 350 movement to new heights and to confront new challenges.

We have four different areas that we are seeking applications for:
  • 1-2 Country Coordinators per Pacific country/territory (note that in many countries, these coordinators already exist, if you have any questions about this, email
  • 3-4 people to join the 350 Pacific Stories Team 
  • 2-3 350 Pacific Online coordinators
  • 3-4 people to join the 350 Pacific Resource Development team

Please check out the attached role descriptions (at the bottom of this page), and fill out the form below if you are ready to join us and step into leadership with 350 Pacific.

Malo aupito!